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6 Steps to an Effective, Simple & Eco-Friendly Personal Care Routine

Conserve water, avoid plastic and choose organic ingredients to protect animals and oceans. These are all clear advantages for the Planet and you. Follow these simple steps to create a simple and sustainable daily personal care routine.

An adult needs to take 10,000 steps every day to stay well and fit. Therefore, taking just 6 steps to an effective routine for personal care is so straightforward for you and the Planet. As you get up to a fresh start, You have a new chance to be grateful for the life of your loved ones along with Mother Earth.

The most conscious decisions are made early in the morning. They establish the tone for the rest of the day. The self-care regimen you choose to follow is individual and personal to you, either a man or a woman. We want to make it easy and easy every step of the way. Be aware of our environmental warnings and greenways to make an impact!

1. Drink Water

It is vital to have water to keep your body in good working order. The body is hydrated throughout, including from the brain, to the teeth. So it is essential to start by keeping the largest organ of your body that is hydrated, your skin that requires 70 to 75 percent water to function effectively.

First, take a glass of water when you’ve gotten off the bed. Also, throughout the day, ensure that you consume enough fluids in line with your age, gender, weight, physical activity, health, and the climate in which you reside. Make use of a water reminder to keep track of your daily intake. After the initial glass of water, it’s time to clean your face.

2. Cleanse your face

Dead skin cells develop on the skin’s surface through the night and during the day. Dirt, oils, and dirt build-up there as well.Therefore, it is important to clean your face frequently.

The Floral Cleansing Water is the ideal multi-purpose toner, makeup remover, and Eau-de-toile. Its natural and organic ingredients help remove dirt, clean your skin, and remove makeup with no additional alcohol or oil. It will leave you with a clean, pleasant, sweet, and fresh scent that will make you feel relaxed and happy for the day or guide you to a peaceful night’s sleep.

Planet benefits
  • It is the Floral Cleansing Water is made with 100% of ingredients that are organically grown.
  • It is made locally by local producers in Portugal and reduces emissions from carbon and impact on the climate.

Cleansing routine is best when it is paired using Reusable Clean Pads.

Environmental Alert
  • Have you ever heard that it requires approximately 20 liters of water to create an individual-use cotton ball? Cotton balls and pads are a major contributor to the massive amount of waste created by the cosmetics industry each year.

The cells of cotton pads aren’t complete, and they eventually flow in the ocean creating a negative impact on sea life. While the reusable cotton pads are more sustainable.

Planet benefits

  • Based on how you utilize depending on the way you use your Reusable Cleansing Pads may be cleaned as many times.

3. Shower & Hydrate

Beware that not showering regularly isn’t a health risk for the public. The routine of your bathing can vary between winter and summer. All depends on the level of fitness you have and your health condition. fitness.

The truth is that showering regularly helps to keep up with social standards for hygiene and appearance. However, a healthy, normal skin has a balance beneficial microorganisms as well as good bacteria that produce protective antibodies to environmental exposures. Most importantly, it can help save lots of water.

Environmental Alert
  • The typical showerhead consumes 12 liters of water each minute. Beware of showers with short durations (maximum of 4 minutes). We recommend that you play this tune and stop the song before its ending. Do you feel great?

If you need to wash your hair, you can take three minutes longer in the shower. You can also switch to Ehsaas Nation soap bars and shampoo or conditioner bars to cut down on the use of plastic and protect both your hair and natural environment. To conclude this ritual with the only Hydrating Body Cream that has a fluffy texture that releases a delightful fragrance that is tropical all over you. It’s like summer all through the year.

Planet benefits

  • Natural and organic ingredients are made local in Portugal.
  • One shampoo bar is equivalent to two bottle of shampoo in liquid form.
  • One conditioner bar is equivalent to 2 standard bottles of conditioner in liquid form.
  • The packaging for our soap bars is recyclable to a tiniest degree.
  • Recycle or reuse Your option! The Body Hydrating Cream is packaged in a reusable aluminum Tin. It is important to note that aluminum is a renewable material that can be recycled in infinite ways. In addition, recycling aluminum can save more than 90 percent of the energy required to create new aluminum.

4. Moisturise & Protect

After cleansing your skin, it’s now time to seal in these amazing ingredients by applying the ideal Hydrating Facial Cream. Its natural ingredient formula is absorbed into any type of skin, providing up to 24hrs of Hydration. It’s rich but not greasy. It also gives a refreshing sensation.

Sunscreen is a must. It is important to safeguard your skin against the harsh weather ahead. Do not skip this step out of your care routine either in Winter or Summer. Why? Simple: Sunscreen functions as armor for your skin cells from the elements, specifically harmful UV Rays.

In the knowledge that Sun is the main cause of the majority of premature aging. Wouldn’t you use SPF regularly to safeguard your body’s face and skin? You can check out this 100% vegan, natural, and marine-friendly sunscreen.

Planet benefits
  • Recycle or reuse it’s your option! This Facial Hydrating Cream is packaged in a recyclable aluminum Tin.

5. Floss & Brush

Dental hygiene is a part of daily personal hygiene. It’s a routine that you should not skip brushing and flossing your teeth in this sequence. It is recommended to shower at least twice a day, both in the morning and before you go to sleep. Showering also helps conserve water and isn’t harmful to the health of your mouth. Find out more about this in our short guide to an eco-friendly dental hygiene routine here.

Environmental Alert
  • A faucet that runs while brushing consumes about 6 liters of water per minute.
  • Plastic toothbrushes can take up to 1000 years before breaking into pieces, and while they’re at it, they cause harm to sea life.
  • A lot of toothpastes have harmful chemicals in their ingredients list.

Our top-selling Bamboo Toothbrush in 100% natural and organic bamboo comes in beautiful colors and pairs with World’s First Natural and Vegan Toothpaste to provide Total Action effect, preventing plaque and caries as well in delivering fresh, minty breath.

Planet benefits
  • It is the Ehsaas Nation Toothbrush and Toothpaste are both certified as climate neutral.
  • We pay for CO2 emissions per toothbrush sold, by planting one tree each day.
  • Reuse or recycle our adorable Dental Floss comes in a glass container, as well as the Toothpaste Tabs in a tin of aluminium.

6. Smile and Be Thankful

Your routine of self-care is complete when you have a sparkling smile. We also suggest taking some time in a peaceful and cozy area to write down five factors (a handful) you are thankful for every morning as you rise and shine or at night before you go to bed. Include your appreciation for Mother Earth

Feel free to share your comments below. We’d like to discuss your experiences and your thoughts and ideas. Be part of our online community!

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