Charcoal Dental Floss

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The dental floss we use is made of sustainable bamboo charcoal fiber or corn. The floss is coated in candelilla wax, making it an organic alternative to conventional dental floss. It comes with the refreshing flavor of peppermint that adds a zing of refreshing taste to the mouth. It is easy to use. Our floss is a waxed design that glides effortlessly, cleaning between your gums and teeth in places that your toothbrush cannot reach.


– Made of plant-based materials

– Biodegradable and all-natural

– Natural peppermint flavor

– Reusable glass container

– Metal dispensing lid with cutter

– Plastic-free, recyclable packaging

– Vegan friendly and supports an eco-friendly lifestyle

Begin the ZERO WASTE journey by making this tiny change.

 We will deliver your order without plastic to your doorstep!

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We offer Plastic-Free Dental Floss with two components: charcoal fiber and wax.

There are no chemicals, which means an even more effective cleaning for your white teeth! An all-plastic design means that this floss keeps your teeth and the environment clear.

This dental floss was specially designed with the environment and quality of health at the top of its list. The floss is made using bamboo woven fibers with candelilla wax and peppermint essentials. This makes it biodegradable and sustainable. It’s a fantastic product if you’re concerned for your oral health and prefer green products with zero waste. It would be best to clean your teeth at least every day since floss is highly effective in getting food particles out of between your teeth.

How to use

As much as you want, hold the floss tightly between your fingers. The floss can be gently slipped through your mouth. Continue to move it until your teeth shine.

Once the roll is finished, it’s time to dispose of or reuse the paper bag and recycle that stainless steel cutler. The floss is compostable at the end of every use.


100% Natural Bamboo Floss is a great alternative to synthetic floss made from plastic. Dental floss is conventionally made of plastic and could take hundreds of years to degrade. Utilizing floss picks increases the amount of plastic in the mix. But, our floss is made of charcoal and organic cornstarch that is biodegradable, which blows conventional floss into the dust in terms of being environmentally friendly.


Dental floss is 100% natural and made from bamboo charcoal and candelilla wax.


It is kept in a recyclable plastic-free glass container with a lid for dispensing that lets you cut the floss according to the length you prefer.

End of Life

The Package Free Floss is a mixed-material product. Separate at the end of time.

Floss is made from a 100% compostable backyard.

Box 100% recyclable or compostable for backyard composting.

After you’ve used it, please put it in your compost pile, where it will biodegrade naturally, so you don’t need to worry about creating waste or contamination.


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