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The world’s first Ehsaas Nation Shop offering Ehsaas Nation items and the option of Free Shipping. We’re a Zero Waste lifestyle shop in NYC and on the internet worldwide. We have everything you’ll need to start your move to a zero-waste lifestyle all in one place!
At Ehsaas Nation, We believe that living a Zero Waste lifestyle should be simple, cost-effective, and enjoyable! Having an Ehsaas Nation lifestyle means we avoid single-use plastics and disposable products to the greatest of our abilities.
Despite our name, the products we offer are sold in packages. We are sure you are wondering… “what this hypocrisy is? ” !”… but let’s look at the reasons and how we deal with it. The companies and industries we purchase the products we sell are incredible; however, they’re not flawless. (Ten points to anyone who can think of an ideal company!) Sustainable products still come in boxes because consumers and manufacturers are familiar with them! Therefore, we believe that our items are among the most effective options currently available. Sure our products (like our menstrual cups and toothbrushes) are mandated by the FDA to be packaged. However, this packaging is recyclable and compostable.
We only offer and ship products packaged in recyclable, 100 compostable, or legally essential packaging. We’re always looking for solutions to eliminate unnecessary waste and packaging, and we’re thrilled to lead the way in what it means to be a sustainable company!
At Ehsaas Nation, We ship everything plastic-free in a post-consumer cardboard container, including labels, paper wrapping, and tape. The shipping materials we use are recyclable and can be composted.
Once your order has been placed, Our team picks the order and packages it for the customer. We strive to deliver your parcel within 3 days from the day your order was made.

Because of COVID-19, our team is processing a higher number of orders. This is due to being forced to close our stores, but we’re shipping orders as soon as is possible.

Most domestic orders are delivered within 3-10 business days. However, they might require a few additional days to process and ship during peak times. The customer should get an email or an SMS with an order confirmation that includes the tracking number that will allow you to follow your shipment. If your tracking number for your shipment shows a pre-shipment, in transit, or delivery status, You can be sure that we’ve packed and shipped your package. Your parcel will be in transit for the time based on the shipping option you choose, whether Priority First Class or International Shipping.

If you have any concerns about a loss of delayed shipment, please contact [email protected]. We would appreciate your patience as we work with you to determine when your package will arrive. We guarantee that we will do all we can to ensure that you receive the Ehsaas Nation of charge! We’ll get this done.

If you have entered your contact details when checking out the checkout process, you will receive an email or text order confirmation once your order has been shipped. You will be sent a shipping confirmation notification with a tracking number when your order is shipped.

It is important to note that more oversized products may be shipped from a different location. Therefore, your order could arrive in multiple packages at other times and dates. We will provide tracking numbers for each box so that you can follow the delivery.

We’ll do our best to trace your parcel! Contact your neighbors before you contact us, and we’ll check with the shipping company to determine what happened. We use USPS, and the loss is covered on an individual basis. We define a lost parcel as not having been received 15 business days after the package was delivered.

If the package was marked as delivered but can’t be found, we recommend inquiring with your neighbors and at all entry points of the property, and inform us if it does not show up within two working days.

Ehsaas Nation is not responsible for lost packages due to Postal Service. Postal Service or containers claimed to have been delivered but not yet received by the buyer. A claim may be filed for the product when the package is sent by Priority Mail. If the carrier doesn’t approve the claim, the item will not be replaced.

We recommend buying Priority Mail with insurance for your package to allow you to be able to file a claim, specifically for international purchases! Make sure the correct address for your shipment and call us with the order number so that we can assist you!

We will notify you once the package arrives at our warehouse. We will also explain the reason for the return. Our team will assist you in finding a solution for you.

If you don’t get an email from us, we might not have received your package yet. We ask that you get in touch with us and inform us when you anticipate it.

Please email Us using your order’s reference number and the latest delivery address to modify your order. We’ll do the best we can to accommodate the charge that hasn’t been completed for shipment.

Unfortunately, we do not have the capability of combining orders to make one shipment. We’re sure to hear your comments and hope to provide this service soon. We’re working on it.

The best part is that we offer Shipping that is entirely free of plastic. Our packaging materials are recyclable and completely compostable. We collaborate with our suppliers to ensure that our inbound shipments are also recyclable and free of plastic. Read more about our pledge to eliminate waste.

We don’t accept returns or offer refunds. If you are having issues with your product, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any exceptions based on a case-by-case.

We get the most frequently asked inquiries: “why don’t you accept returns? ” The answer is simple. We consider the impact on the environment in every business decision we take at Ehsaas Nation as it’s an aspect of our primary goal – and online retailer returns can be highly harmful to the planet. This is why reverse logistical (or returns) creates five billion pounds of debris every year across the U.S. As part of the return process, trucks consume about 1.6 billion gallons of diesel fuel, leading to 15 million tons of carbon dioxide emission. In 2017 11.3 percent of purchases were returned, which amounted to $380 billion in items.

The “shop online in excess because returns are free” culture is the issue, and we should only buy things that we’ve thoroughly researched. Our suggestion? Be a better online buyer. We thoroughly research and test every product we sell to ensure our customers are getting only the top and most sustainable products available. However, we strongly advise that you research your purchases before making any purchases and (simply put) avoid buying things that you don’t require. We are incredibly grateful for you and hope that we will all strive to reduce our consumption and shopping more thoughtfully in partnership.

“How about returning to the store? ” Do you want to know? We’re not able to accept exchanges or returns at the store. Because of the nature of the items we sell that sell, we cannot sell them after you return them. This means we need to eliminate the things that aren’t following our fundamental convictions. If something doesn’t suit you, we recommend giving it to a family member. Our team of experts in-store will always be happy to guide you through everything you need to learn about our products before you purchase, and hopefully, you will enjoy our products as much as we love them!

Please call us with your order number, and we will try our best to accommodate your request even if your order is not completed for shipment. We cannot guarantee the cancellation of orders once an order is placed.

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